Why am I so anxious about taking my little girl on holiday? I’ve been abroad lots of times before but I’m totally out of my comfort zone as this is her first time jetting off to another country and I’m trying to ward off all the issues before they come up. Firstly, I’m having problems checking in online and therefore can’t see where we’re sat; does that mean that she could be sat at the back with complete strangers trying to get them to play princesses while I grab a little sleep at the front? 
If she is sat with me I have to try to make her sit still, an almost impossible task, so I’ve loaded about 50,000 films on my iPad, her iPad, my phone, friends kindles, but I know she’ll still demand to watch a movie we don’t have. One tip a friend gave me was to buy a drink for all the people sat round me on the plane, they become a little more forgiving of a 3 year old fidgeting.
One of the reasons I’ve not taken her away before is because she’s so pale, sometimes she even looks blue, so I’ve chased round the shops and grabbed all the sun cream I can get, I honestly have litres of the stuff, hats, full length swim suits and more sun cream factor 800 of course. But I still reckon she’ll burn, she goes red in the snow!
Have I packed enough clothes for her? 85 outfits for a week should see us through shouldn’t it? What will she eat while in a foreign country? It’s hard enough to get the little mite to eat here, so I’ve loaded up with 50 bags of monster munch and 60 blue ribband biscuits just for the flight. 
Am I going to get any rest at all? I love to sit by the pool with a cocktail in the sunshine, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to read a page of my book without being jumped on by a toddler or hearing “muuuuuummmmmmy!!!!” From the other side of the pool. This isn’t shaping up to be much of a break is it? 

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