The Hanson house has been thrown in to disarray this week after the clocks went forward. How do you explain to a 3 year old that she has to go to bed when it’s still light in the evenings? Should I start teaching her the 24hr clock already?
After dinner and a bath, I tell my little girl that it’s time to put her pyjamas on, but she says “No Mummy it’s still wakey time, it’s not sleepy time!” It’s then a struggle to get her up to the stairs and into her room, with sunshine still beaming in through the window.
As if motherhood wasn’t hard enough, I have to spend an hour trying to get the curtains so close that they don’t even let in a millimetre of light, so I can kid her into thinking it’s night-time before I can have a glass of wine whilst watching Coronation street.

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