Ever since my little Lois could hold so much as a bread stick in her hand she’s wanted to get her mitts on my phone. For the last few months my daughter literally has crawled up my leg trying to grab it from my ear.
I don’t understand her fascination with my mobile, she doesn’t really talk into it yet, at just a year old she doesn’t have great conversation. It only has one button which is apparently still entertaining after the 54th push. Siri speaks to her, mainly to say ‘I don’t understand what you just said?’ Nor do I Siri!
I can only assume that her other mission is to break my iPhone in the only way she knows she can, by dribbling on it. I honestly think a bulldog has less drool than a teething baby and she has a great aim too. With only a couple of input sockets Lois has to really concentrate to hit the target, but she manages to hit the target! I might as well just stick it in a bowl of water.
For her first birthday I bought her a plastic toy replica of my cellphone, but it doesn’t seem to be holding her attention. You see it doesn’t light up when you touch it like a real one. And she most certainly can’t send the text jftufufuyjcgjhj to my mate Michelle.

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