I was given what I think was a back handed compliment today, someone suggested I was too much fun and little un was probably creating because she thought I’d be having a bit of a party without her, haha. I mean can 5 year olds get FOMO?? Should I make our time together more boring maybe?
I’m trying to go out on my own and leave my daughter at home, It’s so hard though isn’t it?? I went out on Saturday for a couple of hours, just as a trial run, the scream that came out of her as I stepped out the door broke my heart. Luckily I had a mate with me who was cheerleading me away from the house and wouldn’t let me look back. I got through it with the help of a nice Sauvignon Blanc, got back to the house, she was as right as rain, like nothing had happened at all. We’ll keep plugging away at this one. Xx

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