Do you ever catch yourself saying something and then thinking, “That’s ridiculous, how did those words even pass my lips?” I found myself in that situation this week, whilst putting my two year-old daughter in the bath. It was that ‘well-known’ phrase, “Can you please take off the giraffe suit before you get in the bath?!” It’s right up there with a Mum at my toddler group shouting to her little one, “Don’t put the baby in the microwave!” as her son tried to shove a dolly in the play kitchen oven.  

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  1. dadstayedhome
    dadstayedhome says:

    The one that still gets me is what I said while on the phone with my mother. I looked over and I said to my 3 yo “Kendall get the meat thermometer out of your ear”. I knew it when it came out of my mouth that I was in for it.


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