In the past couple of years, I’ve written lots of stories about the naughty things that my daughter has got up to. Now finally, I can tell you about something lovely that she’s done for me. Lois, my two year old, has very kindly decorated my stairs for me in felt tip pen. My little darling was playing nicely while I cooked the dinner in the kitchen. You can always tell that something has gone awry if it goes quiet, can’t you? Well, the silence suggested that I needed to go and have a look at what she was up to. I poked my head around the corner to see the bottom three steps coloured in lovely red, blue and green ink. I think she needs to work on her colouring -in skills, because she’d gone over the line. The lovely Heart Breakfast listeners got in touch with tales of what their kids had ruined and I don’t feel so bad now. Sara’s youngest painted her cream sofa with blue glittery nail polish. Poor Amy heard her 18 month old repeating “dip, dip”, so she turned around to find him dunking her brand new iPhone in a cup of tea like a digestive! You have to feel for Andy though, who’d bought a brand new motorbike. It wasn’t even a week old when his toddler son painted it in white gloss.  

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