What the hell am I supposed to do with my kid in the summer holidays? Ok it’s not going to happen for another two years but I’ve just spent 4hours thinking about it? I’m a single mum, I work full time, so I would need her to go somewhere for six weeks, who the hell does that? I’ve already arranged in my mind to take a fortnight off work and a week at my parents and I’ve heard of holiday clubs, but would they even take her at five years old? 
Sometimes I really have to rein it in, stressing out about things that are so far off its ridiculous. Like what career path she’ll follow, imagining her wedding always gets me a bit teary eyed and SHE’S ONLY THREE!!!

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  1. Marcella
    Marcella says:

    It is a single working mums nightmare. It’s a constant juggle. I’m fortunate that my mum helps where possible. The rest is keeping fingers and toes crossed that it all pans out


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