Panic set in this week when I lost my 18 month old daughter in a shop. We were in Kiddicare, Hedge End browsing around the clothes, when she walked around the other side of the rail and picked up about 8 bras and bought them back to me. I put them back and continued shopping. She wandered off, I presumed, to go and get the bras again, so I went to find her. Lois wasn’t there this time. I checked all around the clothing section, not there. I went all around the car seats that she likes to climb into, she wasn’t there. I looked over in the buggy department, not there. My heart started to race, where had she gone?
There would be no point in putting out a tannoy announcement, she wouldn’t understand it and take herself off to meet me at customer services would she? I started shouting her name, it felt like I was calling a dog back in the park. All of a sudden, I heard her little voice saying “Ni night”. She’d found a bed and decided that it would be great fun to get in it, lie down, pull the duvet over her and say “Ni night” to everyone that came anywhere near.


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