My mobile phone is always going missing! I blame my one year old daughter! Most of the time it’s because half way through writing a text to someone, Lois falls over/gets frustrated at not being able to scale the top of the sofa/ tries to juggle glass vases and I have to throw my phone down wherever I am to see to her needs.
Last week, whilst staying in someone else’s house, I mislaid my phone, I got a friend to call it a couple of times so the five of us could follow the noise and find it. That became fourteen missed calls by the time I’d realised I’d pit it on charge upstairs. Only problem was I’d blamed my little girl for the whole fifteen minute search, high and low, in drawers and behind cupboards.
Sorry Lois, but I think you can still bear part of the responsibility. Even though you didn’t directly hide my phone, I know for sure that my memory was much much better before I got pregnant!


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