I gave birth 2 years ago, but I continue to put on weight like I’m in the first trimester of pregnancy. But it’s not my fault, the blame lies at my daughters door. You see, it’s not really my food, so it doesn’t count. Today I gave her an iced doughnut, she ate the icing then gave the bottom back to me, I stood in the middle of a tots group and shoved it straight in my mouth, rather than look for a bin. 

This weekend we went to a lovely 2nd birthday party. The food looked amazing and rather than let Lois leave it on the plate, because she was only interested in eating frazzles and chocolate cake, I scoffed the lot. Well, it was a shame to leave it. 

There was also a party bag full of treats. Someone had lovingly made some pink marshmallow rice crispy squares, which I offered to Lois. She wasnt too interested and ran off to put play dough in the DVD player, so I tried it and liked it. I tried all of it…..and liked all of it, the beautiful cake too. 

I just can’t work out why I don’t lose any weight?

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