My tip for fussy eaters

I was amazed at something we found on Holiday so I’ve brought it home with me. The kids all get a lanyard to wear around their necks and for every food they try or each healthy food they eat they get a sticker. I’ve never seen my four year old tuck in so much. The […]

I need your help with the dentist….

That’s twice now, twice that we’ve been to the dentist and Lois hasn’t opened her mouth, twice now that I’ve been through the embarrassment and twice now that I’ve had to rebook the appointment so that the dentist can hopefully one day, count her teeth before she’s in her 50s. This time I even went […]

Arrgghhh Stickers, stickers everywhere..

Stickers, the bane of my life, I find the little blighters everywhere because I have a little girl who loves the things. Never content with a picture of her favourite Disney Princess, we have to get the ones that will cling to any piece of furniture too. As I take the washing from the machine, […]