I’m not making New Years resolutions this year, I’m setting goals for the year, things to aim for but not unrealistic targets that I’ll fail at and feel bad about.
Goal 1: spend time
It doesn’t matter what it is, take your time. It might be seeing friends, shopping, or playing snakes and ladders with my girl, I promise to try to be in the moment and not be thinking about the next task or on my phone helping someone on Facebook who’s looking for toenail clippers recommendations.
Goal 2:
Be about experiences not things.
I’ve tried to do this one for pretty much as long as my 5 year old daughter has been around and we have had lots of experiences and made fantastic memories, but we still have a whole room of plastic crap that is played with approximately every 8 months. Going to the park and singing greatest showman on the swings is always going to be preferable to the latest LOL doll, in my eyes anyway.
Goal 3:
Read more.
This is quite an easy one, but I figured that it would be setting a good example if I had my nose in a book every now and again. Plus I still need to finish the novel that’s been on 4 holidays with me, this is the year to do it.
I’d love to hear if you have any or what you think of mine…..

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