Kids really should come with an instruction manual, or at least a rule book for parents. I could really have done with one last week. Whilst my 2 year old daughter, Lois, was in a toddler area of a soft play place, I was approached by another mum and totally taken back by her complaint that My little one had pushed past her child.
But her moan was pretty much met by deaf ears, not because I don’t care, but I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. What should I have done? If I’d told Lois off, she wouldn’t have made the connection, because too much time had passed. what I really wanted to say was “Aaaaaand?” Maybe I should’ve told the mother that was having a go at me, to tell her child to push her back? Of course, I didn’t, I just apologised and carried on with what I was doing, but felt incredibly guilty.
Was that the correct way to handle it? I could really do with an answer to this as I have a feeling that this is a situation I may be in again.


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