I’ve already written about how the Very Hungry Caterpillar is my little girls favourite book, I know this because we have to read it EVERYDAY! Recently we went to see the show on stage at Winchester Theatre Royal. How fantastic to see this story come to life. It’s a bit of a different experience though, going to the theatre with three and four-year-olds. I wonder if we adults should take a leaf out of the kids book and just shout what we really think at the actors. My friend’s daughter really couldn’t wait to see the little green bug and asked in rather a loud voice when he was coming on EVERY 30 SECONDS FOR AN HOUR and my little one recited all the words, like she was at a gig of her favourite artist and they were playing her top song. How the players on stage didn’t crack up I’ll never know. At least I didn’t have to join in.


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