Are you jealous too?

I’m jealous, jealous of the people that have their kids going back to school. It’s not that I don’t want to home school her until September, that’s when I think she’ll go, but more that she’s had enough. Had enough of me trying to be a teacher when I’m not, had enough of trying to […]

But you’ve got this!

I know it feels like day 5 million and 22 of the summer holidays, but keep going, we’re halfway and you haven’t dropped the ball yet! Well done you! You’ve got this! Yes you may have taken them to the wrong childcare venue on the very first day (no? just me then) and you may […]

Should we really go to Disneyland???

After all your wonderful advice I’ve booked for us to go to Disneyland Paris, I’m so excited I could burst. My 6 year old on the other hand says she’s thrilled to be going to see Mickey and his mates, but the reaction at the car wash yesterday was something else. She literally screamed with […]

Disneyland dream or nightmare?

I’ve got lots of questions for you, Disneyland Paris, do you go for two nights or three nights? With three nights we get probably 3 1/2 days in the park but is that enough? I also wonder will she be able to go on everything, she’s only six and she’s pretty tiny for her age? […]

Would you back down?

I could’ve gone two ways the other evening when my 6 year old was in meltdown central, I could’ve given in but that may have opened the floodgates to a lifetime of pain for me. As it was I went through 2 1/2 hours of whingeing, screaming, stomping and so much door slamming I honestly […]

Did you realise LOL’s are religious???

As a treat last night we decided not to read a bedtime story, instead my 6 year old daughter would make one up to tell me, it was a masterpiece and went like this……. Once upon a time there was a Merbaby (LOL doll) and she had an invitation to a party in a castle, […]

Horrible histories hurrah

Last week we went to the beautifully revamped Mayflower theatre in Southampton to see Horrible histories. I did wonder about taking a 6 year old and felt I’d gone the wrong way when she looked petrified before the performance had even begun as an axe went flying across the screen sending blood and guts everywhere. […]

Science fun

Phew the Easter holidays are over, well done for getting through what felt like months of no school! Did you have good days out? The glorious weather helped get the kids out to the park for a run around to wear them out. On the one day of rain we went along to the Winchester […]

Swearing, at least it’s in context

Hearing a four-year-old swear will never not shock me. It happened the other day in the kitchen when I dropped a pair of scissors and my daughter asked “is that ****ing sake?” After the redness in my face had died down I tried to get her to blame somebody other than me enquiring if she’d […]

Would you go on your own or not?

I’ve just got back from a little holiday….on my own. No of course I didn’t go completely on my own, what I mean is, I went away ‘sans child’ and I’ve got to say I loved it. I felt a lot of guilt, even from the second I shut the front door after telling her […]