I put my daughter to bed so I wouldn’t have to give her any of my pizza. Basically, I’m no good at sharing, especially when it comes to food. When in a relationship there’s no grabbing chips from my plate.
Life has obviously changed for the better since my daughter arrived in the world, but there are more changes that need to be made to my way of thinking everyday. At nearly one, she’s interested in everything, especially food and especially my food. I could be eating the hottest curry in the world (I think it was, it gave me a nose bleed) and I see tiny little fingers on tiny little hands making a grab for a piece of sauce covered chicken.
Being a single parent I value my ‘me’ time, having a shower without having to play games, through the glass door, at the same time as washing my hair. Managing to watch a tv show all the way through without rewinding because To see a crucial bit of the story I missed because my little rug rat had been climbing all over me. Just ten minutes to ‘be’.
So after a trip to the pizza shop I was very excited to get home and get my favourite toppings down my neck. Lois had been sort of napping in the car and a thought struck me as we walked in the door “if I put her to bed, I won’t have to share the pepperoni pizza, I can have it all to myself!” I convinced myself that she was due a sleep and put her in the cot. That pizza tasted good.


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