Pumpkin pain

Hats off to parents that have been carving and hollowing pumpkins for years, that is a tough gig man! It took me an hour per pumpkin, I’ve got rivets in my fingers and cuts on my hands and both orange fruity things look like they were done by a 2 year old! I remember when […]

Caught cake handed! 

Caught out! Yep I got caught red handed trying to hide the fact that I was stuffing my face with chocolate Swiss roll from a kids party buffet. I wasn’t even hungry until the bowls of sausages and crisps started to come out. My daughter only eats 3 wotsits and half a chicken nugget on […]

I'm too soft…

 With it being half term, I agreed to my little girl having a Halloween party and her little mates would be free to attend. I think that she’d initially asked for it because she’s mad on the film hotel Transylvania, so I found her an outfit with bats on it so she could pretend to […]

All ready for the Halloween party.

Yep, all decorated and ready for my 3year old daughter’s Halloween party…..ON MY BIRTHDAY! 

Even my birthday isn't about me!

For more years than I care to let you know about, my birthday has been about 1 thing, me! On my 10th, my 20th and my 30th that one day of the year revolved around moi. Out for lunches and dinners, cards and presents flying around, I was in my element.  This year is a […]

It's hard work being a mum…

I’ve always seen Halloween as an American thing, but over here it gets bigger and bigger every year. I try to resist but then I am guilty of seeing a band wagon and jumping on it. I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life, but this week, my two-year-old daughter Lois invited her mate Violet […]