I give you……the nativity

You want your kids to grow up knowing the real meaning of Christmas. All about love and peace to the world, everyone living side by side and the nativity. My daughter has nailed it!

Nativity problems

The cast list has gone up and hearts are broken, she only got the role of sheep 2. You would think it was the end of the world for my friends 6 year old daughter, sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of having no other lines than “baaaa baaaaa!” To say at the nativity. I totally […]

Christmas crazy

I’ve been called crazy for being so organised for Christmas, but I can promise you there’s method in my madness. By the 1st of December I am completely sorted for the festive season with cards written and the presents all bought, its plain sailing from then on in. You see it frees me up completely […]

What to do with home made decs….

Now my daughter is two and a half, she’s getting into Christmas and has started to bring home all sorts of decorations. I’ve already got a tree made out of paper plates, as well as a Santa’s stocking and a snowman made out of a loo roll. I’ve got to say, they are slightly lacking. […]

Mary and Joseph at the ready….

It’s the time of the year to get your tea towels and sheets at the ready. My Facebook feed is full of wonderful pictures of people’s little ones in their nativity plays. It is so, so cute to see the shepherds and angels and I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to be […]