I’ve been called crazy for being so organised for Christmas, but I can promise you there’s method in my madness. By the 1st of December I am completely sorted for the festive season with cards written and the presents all bought, its plain sailing from then on in. You see it frees me up completely to enjoy the spirit of the holidays, without getting caught up in the bun fight at the shops, the stress of trying to find a sold out toy and not having to queue up at the end of a line of, what feels like 2 thousand people. Last weekend I took my 3 year old to ‘Nativity Live’ How wonderful to walk through the story being acted out live in front of us, little un thought it was truly magical, especially the Angel that came into the room via a glass lift. We even made a donkey out of a brown paper bag, a toilet roll and some newspaper, and a gingerbread man pregnant virgin Mary! You put a marshmallow on his tummy and cover him in icing, in case you were wondering.

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