The kick start I needed to lose weight

I can tell you that faced with a video of your bare behind is one of the most shocking things that can happen! I was deleting videos from my phone cos it’s January and I’m having a clear up, when I came across said film. I thought my daughter had been creating a movie with […]

Good or bad parenting?

I’m yet to determine if the story im about to tell you makes me a good or a bad parent. Me and a friend of mine took our kids to a nice big play park to have a run around, let off some steam and have fun at the weekend. Good? We perched ourselves on […]

Do your kids put you off?

Can I just say, it’s EXTREMELY off putting while you’re doing a workout in the living room, to have your 5 year old daughter acting as a judge for Strictly Come Dancing, holding up score cards marking your work. And announcing that when you get a 1 that means you’re out!

Caught cake handed! 

Caught out! Yep I got caught red handed trying to hide the fact that I was stuffing my face with chocolate Swiss roll from a kids party buffet. I wasn’t even hungry until the bowls of sausages and crisps started to come out. My daughter only eats 3 wotsits and half a chicken nugget on […]

It’s just baby weight

I’ve just chucked out 40 bras! 40 bras from a pre-baby time, that I’ve kept, thinking that my body, at some point will go back to its original shape. Ha, no such luck, she’s nearly 5 years old and I’m still trying to lose the pregnancy weight. I feel sick when I see celebs snapping […]

Christmas crazy

I’ve been called crazy for being so organised for Christmas, but I can promise you there’s method in my madness. By the 1st of December I am completely sorted for the festive season with cards written and the presents all bought, its plain sailing from then on in. You see it frees me up completely […]

The absolute bonus having a toddler….

Having had a lovely week away in Cyprus last week and making the most of the all-inclusive buffet, I was dreading getting on the scales.There were 8 of us away together and it really shouldn’t have been a competition as to who could fill their plate the highest but it turned into that. And I […]

Ever come across sandwich snobbery?

There was a big moment in the Hanson household last Tuesday. My little girl started pre-school. How can that be? She’s only a baby, not even three yet. I knew that Lois would be fine. She’s confident, independent and will get on with painting and playing with the other children no problem, but I was […]

Why can't I lose weight???

I gave birth 2 years ago, but I continue to put on weight like I’m in the first trimester of pregnancy. But it’s not my fault, the blame lies at my daughters door. You see, it’s not really my food, so it doesn’t count. Today I gave her an iced doughnut, she ate the icing […]