A world of worry

We welcomed a new baby to the family this week and I can’t get out of my mind how much it is a welcome to a world of worry. Worrying about them, people around them, germs, even the air around them. Worrying when you’re with them that you’re doing too much, that you’re doing too […]

Ever come across sandwich snobbery?

There was a big moment in the Hanson household last Tuesday. My little girl started pre-school. How can that be? She’s only a baby, not even three yet. I knew that Lois would be fine. She’s confident, independent and will get on with painting and playing with the other children no problem, but I was […]

I finally got something right…

I’ve written quite a few blogs now on how I get being a mum, disastrously wrong, but after 2 years, 2 months and  15 days I’ve finally got something right! Hooray put out the bunting, let’s have a street party with streamers and everything!!! My little girl, Lois, is a snacker, she always has been […]