At least once a day I get an over riding sense of guilt, a wave of inadequacy as it, yet again crosses my mind that I’m a bad Mum. I’m sure that everyone feels like it at some point, but it would seem that no one is really honest about it. With the heir to the throne born today, there’s a few things that Kate needs to allow herself.
I was a bad mum even before my baby arrived. At 37 weeks pregnant I went to a Plan B gig. I love plan B and wasn’t going to miss out on the live show, just because I was absolutely massive. I did book seats, it wasn’t like I was at the front in the mosh pit. But yes, the dirty bass and jumping around might have had something to do with my waters breaking an hour after leaving the venue.
The first instance of bad mum was as soon as my little girl Lois was born. Having been convinced throughout my pregnancy that I was carrying a boy, Boris, I couldn’t believe it when the mid wife announced that I had a baby girl, a Doris. They handed her to me straight away, my first words on seeing my offspring, “Is she ginger?”
My mum was there at the birth, supporting and encouraging and was under strict instructions, as she is a hair dresser, to make sure my hair was looking good for that first photo with my baby in my arms, that will go up in a frame on the side and stay there for evermore. I wasn’t too worried about how my baby looked, yes she had a bit of blood and a bit of gunk on her head, but no one is really going to worry about how she looked, everyone says every baby is beautiful,but it would be me that looked absolutely knackered after no real sleep for two days. so I bossed my mum around to sort my hair and my make up.

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