At 6 months old my little darling should have some sort of routine. My life has very little routine, so what do you do? The other mums I know religiously bathe their kids give them a bottle and settle them into bed by 7pm.
I’ve realised tonight that the reason my little girl stays up until 10pm is because I’d be bored without a single mother, Its just us in the flat.There’s nothing I want to watch on the tele and I can’t be bothered with the washing up, so we play and chat and sing. Or we’ll be out at a friends place, where I’m trying to kid myself into thinking that I still have a life.


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  1. ssimien001
    ssimien001 says:

    youre not a bad mom at all. as a mother you can only do so much, and we are not perfect in any way. my son doesnt have a set bed/bath time every night neither but he gets a bath, he gets tucked in, and at his request i will read to him until he falls asleep. continue to love and cherish your daughter with all your heart as and raise her the best way you know how!!!


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