It’s funny when you see someone else do it, but when you fall over it’s the most embarrassing thing ever isn’t it? Wearing flip flops in the rain the other day was not only a weather faux pas, but it meant the supermarket floor became even more slippery and resulted in me letting out a scream as my face headed towards the door, when my feet went from beneath me. As I tried to recover myself and style it out I realised that everyone with in spitting distance was staring and laughing at me. I would have laughed my head off though if I’d seen listener Lisa take this fall though. Her heel got caught at the top of flight of stairs, the shoe stayed, she didn’t. As she tumbled down the steps her skirt went above her head. She tried to steady herself by grabbing a man as she went and managed to take the sixty year old’s elasticated trousers to the floor!


Its holiday season and I know how stressful it can be to pack for your time away. Trying to remember everything to take and then desperately attempting to shut the suitcase with fifty four pairs of shoes in there for a long weekend away. But apparently one in four of us forget to take our toothbrush. No great shakes, you can pick one up at the airport or in a shop when you arrive in the result. I’ve forgotten something quite crucial before, while away with my parents, I wondered what I was going to do with no undies. Luckily, it was my mum’s birthday and she got some lovely underwear sets, so I stole them before she got to wear them.


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