Soft play, most people’s idea of hell on earth. Brightly coloured crash mats and climbing frames all covered in snot and jammie dodgers. That’s why the kids MUST keep their socks on, just in case the slip on something that shouldn’t be there. There’s a coffee shop that sells cakes that are too good not to eat even at this time of year and sofas that allow me to lie back and shut my eyes just for a second, even if I can’t block out the excited squeals coming out the bottom of the twisty tube slide. Approximately every 20 seconds a call will come from somewhere “mummmmmyyyy” as 30 alert mothers turn their heads like meerkats. 
Even with all this going on we managed to stay for 4 hours, really got our money’s worth out of our £4 entry fee. My little un went up the climbing frame and back down the slide, did a great impression of Miley Cyrus on the plastic cannonball thing and played with other children until one of them looked at her funny. In fact the only reason we didn’t stay for another couple of hours is because my phone ran out of battery. 

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