Please please please get out of my bed

Stop the celebrations take the bunting down, we ain’t partying anymore, she’s been getting back into my bed every night. After just three nights in her own bed (for the first time in two years) I’m back to having a four-year-old climb into mummies double bed. When she first slept on her own I heaped […]


It’s the most entertaining drive to work, seeing all the kids walking to school dressed as their favourite characters for World Book Day. I was really proud of Rich from heart Breakfast, who came to work dressed as the very Hungry Caterpillar (This may or may not have happened). There’s always a Harry Potter at […]

It's not for kids!!!

Have people always sent cards to their children for Valentine’s Day? Is this a new thing or something my parents just didn’t join in with? As well as being made to feel sick with all the couple pictures on social media (love them so much? Tell them face to face maybe?) it’s now de rigueur […]

Noisiest eater in the world 

My daughter slurps her milk and says “ahh” after gulping it down like a grandma with a cup of tea. Nothing grates on me as much as hearing someone eating. The chewing, the champing, the smacking of the lips all do my brain in. Whilst living at home with my folks I couldn’t even wolf […]

I can't face the queues 

My daughter just can’t queue, but let’s face it which 3 year old can? It’s approximately 2 nano seconds before she starts wriggling and jiggling about. So, rather than make the trip to Disneyland Paris, because I remembered how she gets ‘worn out’ after walking round the garden and gets all edgy, there’s no way […]

Happy happy new year in our house 

Yes, we did go out and have a few drinkies. Yes, I was sipping prossecco when little one fell asleep on my mates sofa. Yes, we did finish our game of trivial pursuit. No, I can’t see the floor for my little ponies and Disney princesses. And yes, we are having pizza for breakfast. 

How do I stop it???

Oh no, at the tender age of three and a half my little girl is Americanised. After singing along in the car to ‘A Whole New World’ (I was Aladdin, she was princess Jasmine, of course) and being to to stop a few times cos I was booming out the wrong bit, we had a […]