As a mum I’m faced with some very strange dilemmas that had never entered my mind before. I was proud as punch when my 3 yr. old daughter swam on her own this week and was rewarded with her 5 meter and 10 meter badges. After much praise and a trip out for cake, I had to decide what to do with the badges.
If I leave them in her possession they’ll get lost in the 50 thousand toys in the shed only to be found when she’s 32. There are problems with trying to sew them on to her costume, the first is, I can’t sew. Then the fact that she has about 54 costumes, most of them adorned with Disney Princesses, Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty, but they’re really small and so I’d end up with it on a character’s head and of course, she’ll grow out of them, does that mean I have to pick them off and re-sew, I can tell you now that’s never going to happen.
I asked our lovely Heart breakfast listeners for advice on my position and the answers were outstanding, Sally suggesting I put them on a swim towel or fabric bag, Jordan said to stick on a magnet and put them on a fridge and I might do what Emily came up with, pinning them to her bedroom curtains!

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