I try and do my best to build confidence in my daughter, at 3 years old she’s susceptible to all the things that she hears others are scared of. 
She went crazy the other day at the tiniest spider, but I reassured her that spiders are actually our friends and get rid of all the other bugs for us. We now give them a name, normally Barbara, and have a chat with them about not running too quickly across the carpet. I do this because I have mates who are petrified of the eight legged creatures and can’t stand to be near them. I even have a friend who couldn’t go to work one day because there was a spider beside the front door! 
Flying on a plane is not one of my favourite things to do, but I know that my three year old picks up on my fear, so I smile throughout.
I was a little more tested this week, when I woke up with an animal in front of my face while camping in a tent. I’m not going to lie, it did make me jump, you would if you had a reptile there too. It was a tiny little monster, all curled up under my towel. When the kids woke up, I put on my best brave face and acted like a zoo keeper. We named him Colin and watched him climb the side of the tent with his ‘sticky feet’. 
To be honest it probably does me good too, hiding fear, a little bit of fake it before you make it.

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