Must I point out EVERYTHING that my 3 year old shouldn’t do? Should I have to tell her that spaghetti hoops are to go in your mouth not up your nose. Should I have to tell her that you don’t have to ‘huggle’ the shop assistant that asked if you needed any help. And should I have to tell her that paint is to go on paper not shoes or dogs. I picked her up from pre school this week, full of smiles and regaling me with stories of what she’d been up to. Digging up potatoes, kicking through the leaves and painting. PAINTING HER SHOES! The beautiful light blue shoes had come home bright red and are, as we speak, spinning round the washing machine. To be fair though, she was very neat and tidy, and didn’t go over the lines. 

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  1. Mom Of Two Little Girls
    Mom Of Two Little Girls says:

    I hear you. It’s exhausting! And of course I’m stupid and she knows everything. How dare I insinuate that she will knock the cup of juice over if she lies on the coffee table! 2 seconds later I’m proved right but still the baddy?! Urgh!


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