I always knew that this day would come, the moment that expletives come out of my 3 year olds mouth. I’d thought about it, tried to work out what I’d do, but it took me by surprise and I didn’t know how to react so I did the only thing I could, ignored it. “F*%^**%# sake!” came out of her mouth when we couldn’t get the food processor to work to make banana pancakes, but not in an angry “why won’t you work??” way, much more matter of fact. 
So, faced with this what do you do? I’ve heard of “washing your mouth out with soap and water” but that’s just a saying, do I chastise her for it or will that make her say it more? Or do I ignore it? But I can’t have her spouting such words at pre school. Or is there a way that I can talk to her about it, without giving it too much prominence? 

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  1. Tinashe Machimbidza
    Tinashe Machimbidza says:

    Best sit her down and say there are some good words and bad words and that one is a bad word mummy doesn’t want to hear it out of her mouth she’s only 3 so I completely understand


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