A world of worry

We welcomed a new baby to the family this week and I can’t get out of my mind how much it is a welcome to a world of worry. Worrying about them, people around them, germs, even the air around them. Worrying when you’re with them that you’re doing too much, that you’re doing too […]

That woman, those shoes and the play date….

Let’s just have a little conversation about this woman who has tried to charge another mother £325 after a pair of boots got pen on them at a play date. Whaaaat? I’ve got too many questions, like why is a little girl wearing such expensive shoes if you’re going to be so prissy about it? […]

Rowing with a 3 year old….

Omg 3 year olds are hard work! Last night I started to write a list of all the things that my little girl had had a paddy about. Remember, They all happened within an hour and I had to either justify all of these things or back down and let her do what SHE wants! […]

How do you choose a school?

In just about a year my little one will be starting school and there seems to be a lot of ‘mum chat’ about it, everywhere I go. The question that comes up is where will you send her? Here’s my first point, I wasn’t aware that we got a choice, I thought you just went […]

I'm just about getting through it….

When I say I’m a single parent, I mean I’m a single parent, like my 3 yr old says “I never got a daddy” and I feel guilty as hell.  There aren’t any weekends off, in fact there’s not even a day off or even a second off. There’s not someone who can run to […]

Time is against me….

The Hanson house has been thrown in to disarray this week after the clocks went forward. How do you explain to a 3 year old that she has to go to bed when it’s still light in the evenings? Should I start teaching her the 24hr clock already? After dinner and a bath, I tell […]

What a ridiculous thing to say?!!

Do you ever catch yourself saying something and then thinking, “That’s ridiculous, how did those words even pass my lips?” I found myself in that situation this week, whilst putting my two year-old daughter in the bath. It was that ‘well-known’ phrase, “Can you please take off the giraffe suit before you get in the […]