The kick start I needed to lose weight

I can tell you that faced with a video of your bare behind is one of the most shocking things that can happen! I was deleting videos from my phone cos it’s January and I’m having a clear up, when I came across said film. I thought my daughter had been creating a movie with […]

That woman, those shoes and the play date….

Let’s just have a little conversation about this woman who has tried to charge another mother £325 after a pair of boots got pen on them at a play date. Whaaaat? I’ve got too many questions, like why is a little girl wearing such expensive shoes if you’re going to be so prissy about it? […]

Uh-oh we may have cleared the pool

My 3 year old cleared out the baby pool! Ah no, take that thought from your mind, it wasn’t that. Nanny and pops took her to the local baths to see her doing her ‘fish like stuff’ in the water. Trying to be the aspiring earth mother, I’d given her a load of fruit beforehand, […]

Rowing with a 3 year old….

Omg 3 year olds are hard work! Last night I started to write a list of all the things that my little girl had had a paddy about. Remember, They all happened within an hour and I had to either justify all of these things or back down and let her do what SHE wants! […]

How do you choose a school?

In just about a year my little one will be starting school and there seems to be a lot of ‘mum chat’ about it, everywhere I go. The question that comes up is where will you send her? Here’s my first point, I wasn’t aware that we got a choice, I thought you just went […]

How can one tiny yogurt cause so much carnage?

How can yogurt cause so much carnage? This evening I set my 3 year old up with 2 yogurts and a spoon in the lounge and the iPad to watch more YouTube magiclip princess videos and went upstairs to dry my hair. I was joined by my daughter 5mins later absolutely covered in strawberry goo! […]

I'm just about getting through it….

When I say I’m a single parent, I mean I’m a single parent, like my 3 yr old says “I never got a daddy” and I feel guilty as hell.  There aren’t any weekends off, in fact there’s not even a day off or even a second off. There’s not someone who can run to […]

What a ridiculous thing to say?!!

Do you ever catch yourself saying something and then thinking, “That’s ridiculous, how did those words even pass my lips?” I found myself in that situation this week, whilst putting my two year-old daughter in the bath. It was that ‘well-known’ phrase, “Can you please take off the giraffe suit before you get in the […]